Monday, December 19, 2011

Cheapest Android Phone- Micromax Andro A60 (Rs.4300 or $90)

Micromax Andro A60- Cheapest Android phone

It is the cheapest android phone available in Indian market, most probably in the whole world also. It is as good as any other entry level smart phones. It runs in android 2.1 and has a Qualcom 528GHz processor. It posses a RAM of 256MB and ROM of 512MB. The camera is 3.2MP and screen is 2.8 resistive touch screen. The battery is also good. It posses a capacity of 1280mAh. The drawbacks of this phone compared to other entry level android phones are poor sound clarity in headset and resistive touch screen. Even though the music clarity is good in loud speaker, it is very poor over headset. Also the resistive touch is not as responsive as the capacitive touch screen that you can find in other entry level android phones
But the price is the main attraction. The cost of this phone in Indian market is only Rs.4300 ($90). It is the cheapest android phone available in the market currently. Even though you may think about the many drawbacks of the phone, always keep in mind that it is always better to get an Android phone than a java phone. Because the 2.5lakh apps available in Android market will surely make your phone a smart one, which no java phone can get.
Now the updated version of the phone is available in the market with features like 5MP auto focus camera, 3.2 inch capacitive display, 600MHz processor and Android 2.2. And priced only at Rs.7000. You can never get such configurations in an Android phone from any other company than Micromax. Micromax has released another Android phone also with name Andro A85 which is more higher in configuration.

Android phones are coming to market day by day. Also the prices of the phone are coming down. Now there is Android phone available in market starting from the price of this phone to very high end phones of 50K. Android has already crossed most of the other smartphone platforms. There are many reasons for the success of Android. The main reason is the frequent release of newer versions. It makes Android up to date with newest features. Another one facility that you can achieve using Android phone is that you can customize it to any extent. You can use Custom ROMs to customize your phone as per your wishes. Cynogenmod ROM is a good customized ROM which is available to even low end phones. This will need rooting of your Android phone. By rooting you can gain administrative privileges on your phone, there after you can customize you phone as per your wishes

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