Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Micromax a110 canvas 2 Price and Review

Micromax A110 Canvas 2
Micromax Canvas2 A110
Micromax knows really well, how to catch Indian market. Their recent phone models clearly shows that. The products, which are released by Micromax recently like Micromax canvas 2 mobile, 3D LED TV etc are excelling in their quality and amazing in case of their budget price. This has attracted a lot of Indian buyer to Micromax. Micromax a110 canvas 2 has got a response from Indian market, which is comparable to flagship models of Samsung like Galaxy S 3. To understand the reason of the phone’s success, have a look on the specifications of the phone in the picture below,

Price Rs.10200 ($105)

        The price of the phone is the most attractive feature of the phone and reason behind its success. There is no other phone below 15k with such excellent features. It just cuts out all the competition. Everybody is still wondering how Micromax managed to release a phone with such configurations, at such a low price. Just two or three weeks after the release of the phone it is out of stock in most of the online and offline showrooms. That indicates the popularity of the phone in Indian market.

Operating System (Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich))

        This phone is running on Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which is not the current latest Android version available. It comes with certain drawbacks like there is no standard 1080p playback capability. But still you can install free apps like MX player and play full HD videos. If you are a more techie person, you can root the phone and install jellybean ROM which is available in internet free of cost for the phone. This will also enable other new features of jellybean. In XDA developer forums you can get more details about custom ROM available for the phone.

Processor (1 GHz, Dual Core)

     This phone is powered by a 1GHz dual core Mediatek 6577 processor. There is an additional POWER VR Series 5 GPU for good graphics support in video playback and gaming. Because of the powerful processor, you will not feel any delay or lag in user interface. Even with good number of applications running in backend, the phone responds well to new apps. Also you can run HD games, which will be supported in high end phones only, in this phone.

Memory (512 MB RAM)

     The phone comes with 512MB RAM and 2 GB internal memory. Internal memory is expandable using microSD card  upto 32 GB. 512MB RAM offers a good amount of multi tasking but you cannot expect the multitasking capability of high end phones like Galaxy S3. Still you can see around 100MB free RAM, even while 10 apps(apps like message, chat, music etc) are running in the back end. Some people are complaining that with 2GB internal memory you cannot install much HD games. But there is a work around for that problem. There is a tweak in XDA developer forum to convert memory card memory into internal memory, so that you can use your memory card to install data, which should otherwise be installed in phone internal memory.

Camera (8 MP main and 0.3MP front)

      This phone comes with an 8MP primary camera and 0.3 MP Secondary Camera. Main camera is average in terms of quality of pictures. When lighting is good, camera is giving good pictures, but clarity is little bit low in low light photographs even with Dual LED flash. Main camera offers other features like Auto Focus, Touch Focus, Face Detection etc. Front camera of 0.3MP will be quite useful for video calling. Video quality in main camera is little bit lower than what is expected from an 8MP camera

Display (5 inch, FWVGA, 854 x 480 Pixels)

         The phone with 5 inch screen should have some more resolution than 854x480px. But the IPS Display manages it well. Even though the resolution is little bit low for the screen size, we will not feel that while using the phone. Display has other features like 5 Point Multi-touch, AGC Sodaline Screen Protection, Touch Sensitive Controls. But the display is not scratch resistant. It will be a really big task to keep that big screen from not getting any scratch.

Battery (Li-Ion 2000mAh)

     The battery capacity is good enough to power the dual core processor and 5 inch display for long time. With normal use of the phone, you can expect a backup of two days. If you are a heave user also the phone will last upto one day with single charging.

Internet Connectivity 

It offers all the regular connectivity like GPRS, Edge, 3GY, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) etc. Internet is pretty fast in the phone. In case of speed of internet you cannot compare the phone with high end models, but still it offers good speed

I/O Ports 

In addition to normal 3.5 mm audio jack, micro USB. It supports USB OTG connection. Using this if you purchase USB OTG cable from some online website, you can use any normal usb 2.0 pen drive with this phone. So you can use it as a mini computer itself or at least as a tablet. Also the 5 inch screen is good to watch movies.

Other Features 

It comes with sensors like Accelerometer, Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor. But it does not have Magnetic sensor. So compass applications will not work. Also in Google map, if you are turning the phone pointer will not change direction, because of the same lack of magnetic sensor. All other sensors are fine. It would have been good if it had an ambient light sensor also to control the brightness according to the surroundings.

Overall it is a phone which has already become a hit in market. It offers more features than any other phone provides for this price range. In online and offline stores also its stock is emptying more faster than we have seen for any other phone.


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  2. Its very interesting post, good job

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