Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sylvania Android tablet priced Rs- 3400 ($68) Review

It is another popular budget Android tablet available in the market. This Android tablet running on Android 2.2 and 1GHz processor is priced only Rs.3400($68). It provides many other interesting features like 7 inch 800x480 pixels WVGA resolution resistive touch screen. 4GB internal memory with the support for external memory card slot which can support upto 32GB. RAM is 256MB.

This tablet can provide excellent internet browsing experience with the help of built in wi-fi support or with the help of external 3G modems. It also comes with a front camera of 0.3MP which is helpful for video chat over internet using apps like skype. As SIM card slot is not available, phone functionality over mobile networks is not possible. The lack of SIM slot also denies the probability of having GPRS capability in the tablet. Another one drawback about the tablet is its 6 month warranty. For most of such low budget tablets now manufacturers are providing at least 1 year warranty.

Please have a look in the specifications of the tablet.

This tablet is a good buy for the price. But there are some other tablets also available for the same price with almost similar specifications. Check them also before you are buying and make sure that  you are buying one with all the features you need. Also if you can stretch your budget a little more bit, you can try for capacitive touch screen tablets which will make the touch effect more smooth.

Watch a video review of the tablet


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