Saturday, September 15, 2012

Android tablet Apad 701 review

Apad 701 is an entry level ‘7’ inch Android tablet from Adcom. It comes with pretty decent configuration for the price you pay. It is available for a price of Rs.3700 ($72) from sites like It runs on a 1GHz processor with 256MB RAM and 4GB flash memory with additional expandable memory card slot that can support upto 32GB. The resistive touch of the tablet will not be responsible as capacitive touch screens, but multi-touch and 800x480 resolution offers clear display.  Give a detailed look into the specification of the tablet.

This Android 2.3 tablet comes with a built in camera of 1.3MP which can be used for video calling. Also the presence of gravity sensor gives good support to motion sensing games. This phone supports external 3G dongles but SIM card slot is not available, so you cannot make voice calls over mobile network. Battery of 2500mAh is also good for this price. The  absence of graphics chip is a drawback, but that is far more than you can expect for this price. Checkout the picture of this tablet
From the picture of the tablet you can see that it has aesthetically appealing design even at such a reduced price. You may feel doubt about purchasing a tablet from a new manufacturer, but this tablet comes with 1  year manufacturer warranty, which will ease your doubts about the tablet.

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