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How to transfer contacts to android phone?

Smartphone platforms like Android, iPhone are getting more popularity these days. Many people are moving to these smartphone platforms from base phone models like Nokia. In this article you can check different ways to transfer contacts to Android phone from different platforms.

1) Exporting contacts as CSV from your current phone and import in Android phone.

 This is the easiest option, which will help you to finish the process within 5 minutes. First thing you have to do is, go to contacts menu in your phone and check whether there is an export to CSV option. CSV is comma separated file. If such an option is there, you can export all your contacts into one CSV file and then copy that file to your Android phone and in every android phone there is an option to import contacts. So different steps are:
  • Open contacts in current phone
  • Find Export option in contact options.
  • Export as CSV file
  • Copy that CSV file to Android phone. (If same SD card you are using in both phones, put that memory card in Android phone.)
  • Open contacts in Android phone
  • Give import option in contact menu. (for Android versions 2.1 and before path is Contacts -> Menu -> More ->Import/export. For Android version 2.2 or newer ones, Contacts ->Menu ->Import/Export.)
  • For Android version 2.1 and previous this option will open following window.

  • For Android version 2.2 and newer ones this option will open following window.

  • It will import all your contacts in the CSV as contacts in Android phone. As you can see android versions like 2.3 are offering much more options like send namecard via. It will allow you to send all your contacts via bluetooth, email message etc.
Note : Some times while importing to Android phone an error may be shown, that is because while exporting in the CSV file too many columns may come. In that case open the CSV with some spreadsheet software and delete unnecessary rows. Or you can use some software like Samsung Kies, where you can map the columns in the CSV to different contact fields like First name, last name, email etc.

2) Exporting contacts as CSV and import in Android phone via Samsung Kies.

If you have exported contacts as CSV file from your old phone, and importing directly to your android phone as specified above, is not working and showing some errors, you will need to use Samsung kies or some CSV editing software like Microsoft Excel.

Once Kies is installed, when you connect your Android phone, it will be automatically detected. For example see the picture below.

   As you can see, it will automatically detect your phone model. In the picture it is detected as GT- I9001. Once phone is detected, when you click on 'Contacts' from the menu in the left, it will show and option to import from PC. Using this option you can import CSV and other contacts stored in your PC. While importing like that you can map different columns of CSV to different fields of contact. So if direct import of CSV is failing in Android phone, you can try this.
Samsung Kies, can be used with Samsung Android phones. If your Android phone is of some other manufacturer, you can download their mobile pc integration software and then import contacts.

2) Exporting contacts as CSV and import in Android phone via Google Contacts.

Another way to import CSV contacts to Android phone is through Google Contacts. You can synchronize Google contacts from your Android phone just by entering your Google user name and password in the phone. So the first task is to get your contacts in CSV format to Google Contacts.

For moving you contacts to Google contacts, first go to the Google contacts

Login with your Gmail username and password. Then at the top you can see more option on clicking which following menu will come.

Then it will ask to upload contacts in either CSV or vCard format,

Once it is successfully imported, you have moved all the contacts to the cloud. Even if  you loose your local backups, your contacts will be available in Google contacts always. Whenever you want you can export it to CSV format or directly synchronize with your android phone, just by adding your Google account in Settings -> Accounts&Sync ->Add Account ->Google Account.

Even if your contact is in your Nokia phone you can export as CSV using Nokia PC suite export contact option. If it is synchronized with outlook, then also you can export as csv. So to move from anywhere to Android, first try to convert it is CSV file and then import to Android phone using any of the methods specified above.

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