Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smartphone Battery Saving tips

Smart phones are becoming more and more powerful day by day. With Samsung Galaxy S3, quad-core processors also have become a reality in mobile world. Now dual core processors are quite common in smart phone industry. As the processing power is increasing, batteries of better capacity is also coming, but still any smart phone is not able to give battery life more than one day.
The only restriction in   industry is the lack of an excellent power source that can power the gadgets for longer time. Even though researches are going on the field, considerable success is still a distant dream. Most of the smart phone batteries are using Li-Ion technology. In present day smart phones, you can use some battery saving tips to get good battery life. See the list of tips and explanations below.

1. For first two charging, charge for a minimum of 6 hours.

  When you are charging your battery for the first time, charge it for minimum of 6 hours. You can do it for the second time also. When you are doing this you may feel battery is getting hotter, but it is okay for the first two times. But never ever charge battery for longer time, if it has reached 100% from the third charging onwards. Overcharging the battery will heat it up.

2. Overcharging and Draining charge fully.

Charging the battery even after it has reached 100%, will overheat the battery, and will affect the Li-Ion layers. In future it will cause reduction in battery life. So never overcharge the battery. For this you can use some apps to give you an alarm when the battery reaches 100%.
Also draining the battery fully to 0%, so that it will get switched off, is also not good. Draining the charge fully will stress the polymer layers and decrease battery life.
So Recharge when your battery reaches to a low-level of 5% at least.

3. Take the most out of every charging.

For Li-Ion battery there will be a limited number of charging cycles, independent of how you are using your battery. So if you are charging your battery only to 80%, you are losing 20% of one charging cycle. So charge your battery to full charge, and never overcharge (use apps). Also to get the most out of one charging, put it for charging, only after draining battery to a very low-level (never let it to get switched off). Like this you can use the most out of charging cycles. As the charging cycles are limited for any particular battery, you can get most life for your battery only by getting the maximum out of each charging. Overall this point we can explain with an example. Suppose, you have a phone battery which has 400 charging cycles. ie battery will deteriorate after this 400 charging cycles. If you are charging your battery once in two days you can use it for 800 days. But if you are charging the battery everyday, before the charge is fully draining out, you can use it for only 400 days. For Li-ion battery this example of limited number of charging cycles is true.

4. Make better use of power saving mode.

In most of the smart phones you can see, power saving mode option. It will decrease power consumption. You can activate this mode when the phone is idle. During power saving mode brightness of display and processor clocking speed will decrease, consuming less power only. Also you can set auto activate of power saving mode when battery level reaches below a particular level like 50%. This mode will be very useful in phones with multi-core processor. When the phone is idle, if some cores can be given rest using power saving mode, battery consumption will be considerably less.

5. Make use of battery saving applications

For all smart phone platforms there are lots of battery saving apps. For android platform there are many like Battery doctor, Battery Notifier, Battery level widget etc. All these apps will give tips and functionality to save your battery charge. These apps can be used to keep an eye on battery level, kill unnecessary apps, give alarm sound when charging is complete etc.

6. Find what is draining your battery most, and avoid it.

Some apps are there in all smartphone platforms draining more battery charge, that a normal app does. This can be due to malicious apps or faulty code in apps. If you are feeling that after installing or while using some app, battery is draining very fast, uninstall it.  You can monitor which part of your phone is using battery most. For Android this option will be in settings as shown below

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