Saturday, September 15, 2012

Android tablet 'Zync Pad Z-909 PLUS' review

Zync Pad Z-909 PLUS is one of the most cheap Android tablets available in the market. Like most of the other budget Android tablets, it also comes with some basic set of features. Even though it is built of plastic, its build quality is good. This tablet comes with a price of Rs.3400 ($66). But it provides most of the features, that are provided by other budget tablets. See the pictures of the tablet
This is the front view of the tablet
You can see the ports in the tablet in the picture above. It comes with a micro and macro USB port, memory card reader slot, charging and 3.5mm headset jack etc.

Specifications of the tablet

If you check the specifications of the tablet, you can see that even though it is one of the cheapest tablets, it provides features that are available in most of the similarly priced Android tablets. Some disadvantages are you cannot make video call and GPS functionality is not available. SIM card slot is also not available. 3G is possible only through external USB dongles. But there are many positive sides for this tablet like, it supports flash and there are preloaded apps for handling office documents. Gravity sensor gives good gaming experience. Also the built in speaker is also an added advantage.

See a video review of the tablet


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