Monday, June 11, 2012

Smartphone war comes to Map apps!!

Most of the smartphone field giants are entering Map apps field this year. Google, Nokia etc are already in the field. They are also coming with interesting new products for the changing market.

What is the reason behind interest in Map apps?

          Recently a survey showed that most of the smartphone users are using Map apps only. The number of users using smartphone for Mapping purpose is more than those using for browsing internet. Surely as it is the best chance to strike, all smartphone giants has come to Mobile Map app field


Google is the current biggest player in mobile app field. With the arrival of Android operating system, their position got more confirmed. But Google also has to come with innovating solutions to keep the position.
Google has arrived with Offline Google maps. Now you can use Google maps without internet connectivity also, which was not easy so far. Even if you are in an underground passage or an area where internet connectivity is not there (mostly the case when you go for trekking.), you can use Google maps without any interruption. It will be very useful for countries like India, where GPRS connectivity is still slow. Google offline Maps will be available for Android presently, that too for Android version 2.3 or higher. Currently in Google maps this feature is available as a lab function.

How to enable offline Google maps?

It is an easy procedure in your Android Google Maps app.
First you have to enable this Google maps feature. For that after opening Google map app, press menu->Settings->labs->Download offline map
In second step you can download any area you want, in 10 miles radius. Press and hold in the area you want to download. One popup showing the address of the place will come. Just touch on that popup, in the coming page you will get the option to download that area of the map.

Watch a video demonstrating how to use Offline Google maps


            Nokia is currently offering offline maps. It is of good quality also. Also in Nokia Symbian platform you can download Google maps also. In Nokia maps, downloadable maps of different countries offers good quality maps. Presently in Google App store also there are some offline map tools like mapdroid. But the clarity and integration with GPS are not enough. But for Nokia these are good. Lets see what Nokia is going to come up with in reply to Google's new solutions.


             Apple is always famous for releasing quality products. This year everybody is waiting for some excellent Map solution from Apple. Last year Apple has purchased a 3D mapping tool company. So this year in iPhone 5 you can expect 3D Mapping solutions integrated in the OS itself. Considering that former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs has a special interest in developing mapping apps, Apple will surely come up with some excellent product, which will turn the entire smartphone market like Siri.

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