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Front camera Android phones

Surely it is the era of smartphones, especially Android phones. It is always better to get an Android phone with front camera, if you are only going to purchase a phone. It offers you many advantages.

Advantage of having front camera Android phone.

* It makes you phone capable of making video calling. As 3G prices are coming down, video calling will be less costly in coming days. Even if you do not have 3G connectivity still you can use your home wifi to make video call using software like Skype.
* It will offer you to capture your photos seeing yourselves simultaneously.
* Many applications available in Android market is using front camera of deliver new features. For example Smart stay facility in Samsung Galaxy S3 is an example of usage of front camera in app.

                                Front camera is common in all high end smart phones. So if you are looking for an Android phone above 15k, most probably it will be having a front camera. Hence here I am listing all low end and Mid end Android phones with front camera.
                                                     1. iBall Andi 3e (Rs.6700)

         This phone is running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and is powered by a 650MHz ARM processor. This dual SIM phone supports video calling due to the presence of 0.3 MP front camera. LCD screen of 3.2 inch offers good clarity display which is responsive also as this is a capacitive touch phone. Primary camera is of 3MP. Li-Ion battery of capacity 1400mAh has the capacity to support both the SIMs for one full day.

Surely it is a value for money gadget. As the price is less, you cannot expect it to be of a very good build quality. But it offers good specifications at low price.

2. Micormax A73 (Rs.7200)

    This is another dual SIM phone which features front camera of 0.3MP with video calling support. This phone has a 650MHz processor and is running on Android 2.3 OS. 3.5 inc capacitive touch screen is the highlight of the phone. Display offers a resolution of 320x480 which is one step ahead of the common resolution of low end smart phones. It will support multi touch also.
Primary camera is of 2MP only. But many users have the opinion that it is good and best in the class. 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM of the phone shows that specification wise it is the best in the price range. Li-Ion battery of 1300mAh offers enough battery life also.

As the build quality of the phone is good and it is large, it will give your phone a posh look (which is absent in most of the micromax phones).

3. iBall Andi 2 (Rs.7200)
This is another dual SIM android phone with 0.3MP front camera. This phone running on Android 2.2 is powered by a 800MHz processor. The 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen is responsive. The primary camera is of capacity 3MP. Battery of capacity 1450mAh is of good capacity, which is capable of powering the phone for one full day even with two SIMs in active mode.
This phone possess a 3 axis accelerometer G sensor, which you can use in sensor enabled games. Normally in low budget android phones you can see only normal accelerometer.

4. Karbonn Smart A7 (Rs.7400)

  This is another dual SIM phone with stunning looks. This Android 2.3 phone powered by 800MHz processor offers excellent features that you cannot find in any of the similarly priced phones. Also the GPU is an added advantage. It possess 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen with HVGA resolution, which will support pinch zoom also.
In addition to the secondary camera it has a primary camera of 5MP HD camera with dual LED flash. Even though many are complaining about the camera, in specifications it looks stunning for this price.  1420mAh battery has enough juice to power the phone for more than one day.

The only thing that people complain about the phone is the clarity of pictures taken by the primary camera. It is 5MP only in specs.

5. Spice Mi 350n (7800)

It is another good Android 2.3 phone with stunning specifications in sub 10k budget. This dual SIM phone is powered by a 650MHz processor. Front camera of 0.3MP and primary camera of 3.2MP performs well. 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen with HVGA (320x480) resolution provides good clarity display. 1400mAh battery provides enough run time in single recharge.
Internal memory of 170MB will get exhausted easily. Some of the built in applications are simply waste, but still you can uninstall those. Also the default camera application is not at all good, you have to resort on some third party app from Android market.

6. Micromax A78 (Rs.7800)

It is another Android 2.3 phone with dual SIM, front camera and qwerty keypad. This and samsung galaxy pro duos are the only ones with these features below 10k. This also possess a 650MHz processor under the hood. 3.5 inch screen offers superb display. 3MP primary camera with flash is of good quality and 0.3MP secondary camera can provide smooth video calling capability. It also possess 150MB RAM and 256 internal memory. RAM is a little bit less, you will need to use a task killer app like advanced task killer to make good use of the phone.
Most of the pre installed apps are not that useful and cannot be uninstalled, and you will feel like these are wasting your space. But still you can adjust. Battery of 1300mAh provides good power backing up.

7. Micromax Superfone Lite A75 (Rs.8600)

This phone also offers both Dual SIM and front camera support. This android 2.3 phone is also supported by 650MHz processor and 256MB RAM. 3.75 inch capacitive touch screen with HVGA resolution with multitouch support is just superb. Primary camera of 3MP and secondary camera of 0.3MP are of good quality.
1300mAh battery is little bit low to support this resolution 3.75 inch screen and dual SIM for long time.
After all the phone is not looking cheap. It gives the feel of a decent phone.

8. Karbonn A9 (Rs.9400)

It is another good looking Android 2.3 smartphone from Karbonn. This is also supported by 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM and features both daul SIM support and video calling support with a front camera. 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen offers WVGA resolution (480x800). 5MP primary camera with auto focus and flash gives good clarity pictures.

Internal memory of 1GB is another interesting features that you cannot find in any similarly priced phones. 1600mAh battery is capable of powering the phone for a long time. 

9. Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (Rs.9500)

It is the only Samsung Android phone with below 10k price tag, featuring front camera. It also possess dual SIM support. This phone is having qwerty keypad along with a decent 2.6 inch capacitive touch screen. with 240x320 resolution. 832MHz processor is powerful. But you cannot feel this speed while using the phone. This may be because of the low RAM. 
Secondary camera of 0.3MP offers video call support. But the 3MP primary camera is not of superb quality.
Battery of 1350mAh capacity is not capable of supporting touch screen and dual SIMs for long time. But initially you can expect one day battery life.

10.   Motorola Fire XT (Rs.9500)

It is the only Motorola phone available below 10k price tag with front camera. Feature wise this phone is just superb. 5MP primary camera with auto focus and LED flash, 0.3MP front camera. 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, 1540mAh battery capacity, 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen with HVGA resolution.

From the features, you can see that you can see these any of the previous phones listed above. But still this phone has not got enough acceptance from users. Once reason can be the low internal memory of 150MB, which will be exhausted soon.

As you can observe from present market status, day by day new phones are coming to market. Currently these are the choices available for a person looking for front camera android phones.

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